straight back $250.00 very
I am looking for any
type farm
equip., syrup kettles, cane mills,
lard press, anything tobacco re-
lated, any old signs, paying top
dollar, 912-282-2730. #1607
I’m looking to buy any
type of
antique furniture, old pottery, old
guns, old bottles. Also looking
to buy and paying top dollar for
old railroad memorabilia of any
type, fmi 912-282-2730. #1527
Looking to buy
and paying
top dollar for any kind of old
silver and Indian head pennies,
call Steve 282-2730. #1528
F/s: garden push planter
with fertilizer distributor and
extra plates, 449-6573. #1478
Wayx Nar-Anon Family Group
Affected by a loved one’s addic-
tion? Seek recovery for yourself
with others who understand!
Meet every Tues, 7-8pm. Gil-
christ Park United Methodist
Church 601 Washington Ave,
Wayx, GA 31503. Call / text Re-
becca at 912-281-7326. #1380
F/s: new tripod sprinkler
for garden, adjustable to 6 ft.
high, waters 85 ft. in diam-
eter $25.00, 449-6573. #1395
ammo boxes, have four dif-
ferent sizes $4, $6, $10
and $12, 449-6573. #1190
Church Outreach in Waycross
welcomes you to a healing
and deliverance meeting with
Dr. Selvon Seebran, 315 Plant
Ave. Waycross, Ga. Suite P
(close to the water tower) ev-
ery Sunday evening 6 p.m. Live
music - Faith lifting preaching
- Prayer for the sick in every
meeting. All people welcome.
For more info. 912-424-5424.
Mizell’s Helping Hands
- dis-
count food, paper goods, health
& beauty. A store created to help
the public in Waycross! Located
at 3155 State St., Waycross,
Ga. next to Wacona School.
F/s: london fog l
ike brand new
has never beenworn, size46 reg.
light tan color; also a set of (2)
7x9” speakers, 285-0086. #859
Bring your vhs
tapes of home
movies etc. to put
on dvds, your
dvds on new dvds, your pho-
nograph records and cassette
tapes on cds, 285-0086. #860
F/s: 3/4” drive dual
mer air impact wrench $70;
1” drive air impact wrench
Looking for odd job
as yard work, drywalling, light
carpentry, fmi 337-1235. #487
F/s: Antique tools & furn.
, lg.
china cabinet w/hutch, dresser
w/mirror, chest, microwave
oven, coffee table, heaters,
extra. lg pots, coffee maker
and more 647-2890. #7607
F/s: nurses scrubs, men,
& children clothes,
shoes, scarfs, purses, ladies
cashmere tan fur collared coat,
ladies black lambskin coat,
books, toys, 647-2890. #7608
F/s: window & shower
table cloths, quilts,
sheets, wall pictures, frames,
dishes, baskets & what-nots,
lots of seasonal decora-
tions, etc., 647-2890. #7609
F/s: tables (different styles)
AL-1 canon camera w/attachs.,
kodak cameras, tapes, records,
DVD’s & more, 647-2890. #7610
F/s: large entertainment
ter; an old trunk; chandelier;
pot plants, call 647-2890. #7611
Returning vets
urged to visit
Post 181 Blackshear. Come
join other vets. Come by and
introduce yourself and get a
free refreshment and enjoy
some comaraderie with us.
Open 4 p.m. Mon.-Sat. phone
449-3307. Welcome home.
F/s: due to illness
, Honda roto
tiller model FRC800A, 8 hp sells
for $2889 new asking $2100
obo, like new, 449-6573. #8780
Bicycle Ministry
- please
donate your new or used bi-
cycles or ones needing mi-
nor repair to be given to less
fortunate kids, call 282-1075.
We tear down
M.H.’s, 590-6353,
281-8089, 281-2250. #8084
Line Dance Lessons
ery Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
located at 2209 Rosy Drive
Blackshear. Beginners wel-
come. Fmi call Carol 912-258-
0455. Smoke & alcohol free.
Do you have a vacant house
Puerto Rico? Can trade or buy
cheap, 912-507-1393. #6055
Wanted - old postage
stamps, 912-387-7602. #5729
Bible truths, questions or
call 1-888-988-9562
or visit
Free Balikbayan
boxes only
(18x18x24) to the Philip-
pine community. We ship too.
Call 912-670-4389. #2354
Want to buy
any size window
air conditioners, 912-590-6353,
912-281-2250 or 281-8089.
Lose Your Shopper? No Sweat!
Read it online 24/7 at
A burden to
help? Dear Dave,
Do you believe
the adult child of
a senior citizen,
who is physically
and mentally healthy but has
neglected to plan for retirement,
should be burdened with providing
financial assistance to that parent?
Robbie Dear Robbie,
Based on the wording in your
question, I can only believe
don’t think the adult child should be
“burdened” to provide this
assistance. My guess is you’re
talking about one of your own
parents. I understand that you might
be aggravated with a parent who has
been irresponsible with their money.
But in my mind, there’s a bigger
question. How big is the burden?
I talked to a guy recently who was
making $1.5 million a year. He was
questioning whether he should help
his dad — an older man in poor
health, who didn’t handle his money
well — by giving him $1,000 a
month. There’s no question you give
that guy money. You’re making
millions, but you don’t want to help
your sick dad? Come on! But if you
bring home $2,000 a month, and
your family is barely getting by,
you’re not morally required to
financially take care of a parent who
was irresponsible with their money.
It’s all relative. Do you have the
money? Can you provide this help
without placing an undue burden on
yourself and your family? If the
answer is yes, you may be asking
more about your own aggravation
than any sort of moral obligation.
But no, you’re not morally obligated
to destroy your own life, or your
family, to take care of a relative who
didn’t take care of themselves
Separate emergency fund?
Dear Dave,
I’ve going to be debt-free with a full
emergency fund in pace by the end
of the year. I’m going to get a dog
after that, but I wanted to make sure
I did it the right way and was in
good financial shape before making
that move. Is a separate emergency
fund for pets a good idea?
Dear Scott,
My wife and I love animals. We’ve
had a least one dog the whole time
we’ve been married. Still, I think a
full emergency fund of three to six
months of expenses will cover you
and your pet.
You go through some expense as a
pet owner, along with happy,
wonderful times and heartbreaking
things, too. We lost our golden
retriever recently, and I can tell you
that was really hard on everyone.
You love them like they’re family,
but you still have to use common
sense sometimes, and remember that
they’re animals and not human
beings. Part of that includes
spending reasonable amounts of
money on them — and in some
unfortunate cases — doing things
with the animal’s best interest, not
our own desires, in mind.
What is a reasonable amount? That
depends on how stable you are
financially. It’s really a ratio
question of expense to means. But
no, I wouldn’t recommend a second
emergency fund just for pets.
Dave Ramsey is CEO of Ramsey
Solutions. He has authored seven
best-selling books, including
Total Money Makeover
The Dave
Ramsey Show
is heard by more
than 14 million listeners each week
on 600 radio stations and multiple
digital platforms. Follow Dave on
the web at and on
Twitter at @DaveRamsey.
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